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Many people have been intrigued by the title of this piece and have asked me the reason for the title. Here is the explanation:

I wrote it one night, after the last of our 4 children left home.

Almost all of our children left, for different lengths of time, through Terminal 2 of Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport. (The cover of the score represents the vault of Terminal 2E)

This piece expresses my melancholy at the time, due to these departures which are of course natural but which are always difficult for parents to live with.
It also expresses the good memories of the happy years spent with them at home.

I wrote a Piano-Violin version of this piece which should be published soon.

Nathalie Béra-Tagrine
Concert creation of the Piano-Violin version with Francine TRACHIER violinist.
You can buy the score
by clicking below:
Publication of the score pending at Van de Velde editions.
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