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“Music is the art of sound: it speaks as clearly as images or words.”


“Any improvement in technique is an improvement in the Art itself and can only contribute to manifesting the very essence of Music.”


Heinrich Neuhaus

The TAGRINE METHOD not only teaches you to play the piano

but also to make MUSIC, by developing the art of sound. 

It is designed for students aged 7/8 and over.

You'll also be able to learn the essential solfeggio basics, applying them immediately to the instrument by playing specially written pieces.

Doing without the basics, which is very "salesy", unfortunately always pays off one day, just like at school! 


MY 12 OTHER COLLECTIONS develop this learning process, at different levels. 

Among them, the "ALLURES" collection will enable you to work on a precise GESTURE with short, melodious 8-bar pieces (1st cycle). 

The "FIÈRE ALLURE" collection will enable you to work on a TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY with melodious 8-bar pieces (end of 2nd and beginning of 3rd cycle).

In these 2 collections, you'll find TIPS for working the pieces.


The "PIÈCES RÉCRÉATIVES pour violon et piano" in 4 volumes will enable 1st cycle violin students to be accompanied by friends (or parents!) at the end of 1st cycle, 2nd cycle level.


You can find many videos on how I teach the TAGRINE Method on my YOUTUBE channel:

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