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My teaching method, while traditional, is not off-putting!


I pass on the teaching I've received from the great masters I've met throughout my career as a concert pianist, and that of my mother, the famous pedagogue Nadia TAGRINE in particular. 


Teaching has been a passion of mine ever since I was very young.


The TAGRINE Method is designed for students from the age of 7/8.


Right from the start, it's based on the quest for beautiful sound 

sound, nuance and phrasing.


One of my objectives is to immediately apply the main notions of solfeggio through short pieces composed for this purpose. 


The independence of the hands, so essential, as well as the movement of the fingers on the keyboard, are also notions that I quickly get to grips with.


All my pieces, in a variety of styles, were originally written for my students as a way of developing this research.


I share how I use the TAGRINE Method on my YOUTUBE channel:


Some of the pieces of the TAGRINE METHOD

  alternating hands , serve me mainly for deciphering and singing work .

I accompany the student with 4 hands by improvising so that it is more musical.

Each teacher is free, of course, to modify

the order of learning.

Personally, I start playing very early

the piece from lesson 1 of the TAGRINE METHOD

without necessarily going through all the notions of music theory that come before.

I come back to it regularly of course but the important thing is to play as soon as possible.


I quickly associate the TAGRINE METHOD with the pieces from the collection “ALLURES, 8 measures for a gesture which complete it.

Indeed, for the youngest or those who have more difficulties

independence of the hands, the TAGRINE METHOD becomes difficult quite quickly and some find it difficult to follow.

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